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Who is Louis Dantil? Dantil's personal, academic and professional life

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

About Louis Dantil

For all those who want to know a little more about Louis Dantil, we are going to review his life briefly.

We will review his life from his origin, his career, achievements to his latest achievements both on a personal, business and professional level.

In any case, they will meet a person who has dedicated his entire life to personal training and perfection, overcoming all kinds of social, geographical, racial, cultural and above all economic barriers to position himself at this level that he has managed to achieve against all odds.

Who is Louis Dantil?

Louis Dantil is a Haitian philosopher, writer, entrepreneur and professor with doctoral studies in International Peace Studies, Conflict Management and Development.

He currently resides in Spain where he has completed most of his higher studies between master's degrees and doctoral studies. He was born in a small village in northern Haiti called Palmary in Ranquitte. There, he completed his primary studies at the Don Bosco School in Palmary before moving to Pignon, a neighboring town from his hometown, to do his secondary studies.

He is the father of two girls, the eldest being Louiseney Valentina Dantil Ruiz and the youngest Chloé Dantil Andreu. He is co-founder and president of several non-governmental institutions such as: Invictus European Students Services - IESS, Club Kiskeya and the International Institute of Communication and Education for Structural Inclusion and Integration - IICEIIE. The last one is a project arising from his thesis and doctoral work.

He is the inventor and promoter of the communicative and educational theory of the Linguistic Semantic Turn (GSL) whose objective is the elaboration of a speech that is linguistically inclusive and inclusive, educationally integrative and communicationally cohesive.

According to Louis Dantil, the great social problems materialized in the production of social inequalities that hinder our societies and communities have their origin in language, which is used to theorize, legitimize and justify certain mistreatments, myths and stereotypes that discredit people. certain groups and collectives based on certain conditions such as skin color, gender, origin, religion, language, even surname, among other things.

Therefore, managing these problems and conflicts requires the Semantic Linguistic Analysis of Discourses (ASLD) and seeing how the contents transmitted (by said discourses) affect society and how the audience (public opinion) relates and interrelates with the objects. of these discourses (especially people) after listening and internalizing them.

Early ages and education

Louis Dantil is the son of Jules Dantil and Louisenie Saintilus. He was born in a small town called Palmary where he spent his first 12 years and completed his primary studies at the Don Bosco School in Palmary.

He completed his secondary studies at the College de la Grace de Pignon, a neighboring town to Ranquitte where he spent his teenage years. In fact they know him more in Pignon than in his own village Ranquitte.

From a young age, Louis Dantil identified with the most vulnerable people, the poorest, which is why he believed that entering the seminary could enable him to help these people more.

After his secondary studies, Louis Dantil moved to the Haitian capital where he began his higher studies to be a priest at the major seminary of the Escalabrinian Missionaries, a congregation that works with migrants.