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Tienda de objetos para ir de vacaciones, gadgets de viaje online


  • Do you ship to my country?
    PARAIRDEVCACACIONES.COM ships to all countries in Europe, Latin America with the exception of Chile and North America.
  • Why haven't I received my order yet?
    There are several reasons why you would not have received your order on time, you receive it late or you simply never receive it. ORDERS RECEIVED OUT OF DEADLINE There is a possibility of receiving your order after the deadline if we do not have the product in stock. That is, it is not available at the time of purchase. In any case, we will notify you of this situation. Other reasons why you receive your order after the deadline: Error or problems with the transport. In this case, we can't do anything but reschedule the shipment. Error in address. The error is corrected and we resend the package. Cash on delivery orders that do not reach €30.00 and that have not chosen a paid shipping method, are simply not sent. FOR ORDERS PLACED BEFORE MAY 15, 2020 If you have placed your order before May 15 and you still have not received your order, this part answers your question. All orders placed before May 15, 2020, have been shipped by the same suppliers. Some are in Spain and others in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, China. Although the Covid-19 has been part of the problem, we have made it so that all our shipments could be delivered paying extra for premium shipping. By this, the received packets have been delivered. However, many deliveries are affected. Some people have had to wait up to a month or month and a half to receive their order. To all these people, we apologize. What can you do if you find yourself in this situation? After consulting with several clients, we have taken into account their decisions, which leads us to propose 4 options and/or alternatives as part of the resolution of the problem. First option As part of the compensation for the inconvenience, we will return 1/3 of the investment if you wait for the delivery of the item. People who accept this option are refunded 1/3 of their investment instantly. If, for some reason, we see that you are not going to receive the package, we will inform you so that you can choose one of the following options. Second option Agree to forward the article to you from Castellon de la Plana / Castellon. There are certain cases where the specific item, color or model is not available. The client will decide and choose another model and/or color to remedy the situation. In this case, if we have the item in Castellon de la Plana / Castellon, we will send it to you right away with delivery in 48-72 hours. Also, since the item has been shipped previously, you must receive the first shipment to be able to pick it up, unless you have been told otherwise. Third option If you can't wait any longer and you've already got other products, especially masks, you can ask for a return on your investment. It is not necessary to make any claim anywhere, simply ask us for a refund. For purchases of value 0-19.99 EUR your money is refunded immediately, if you can't wait. For purchases over 19.99+ keep reading. In the case of a return, it is IMPORTANT to know that since the item has been shipped and we know that it will surely arrive, we must wait for the item to ARRIVE, RECEIVE IT (applicable only to orders placed before 15 May and very important that you receive the item) to PICK IT UP and MAKE THE RETURN. Remember that, for whatever reason, PARAIRDEVACACIONES has a 100% guaranteed return policy and insurance. We decided to make the return in this way after 4 clients, the money has been returned, they have received the articles, and they have decided to keep the articles and they disappeared. Fourth Option This option is valid for orders that, for some reason, have never been shipped. Clients can decide between: Cancel the order and get a refund Wait for us to send it to you urgently with delivery in 48-72 hours. FOR ORDERS PLACED AFTER MAY 15 If you have placed your order after May 16 and you still have not received it, it is for one of the following reasons: 1st. The selected delivery method is not compatible with the product you have ordered: in this case, we will notify you of the situation and, sometimes, the order is cancelled. To verify this, check the file of the product you have ordered to see which delivery method is compatible with it. 2nd. The item is out of stock and is awaiting stock: in this case we will notify you of the case. If you have not received our mail or call about it, check the following point. 3rd. The driver has not found the delivery address, which causes an incident because you are not available at home, in this case they will leave you a note to pick up the package at the post office or MRW. Sometimes it's the drivers' fault that they don't make an effort to find the address.
  • Why the tracking number does not work on the postal website?
    Sometimes, when you put the tracking number in the mail web, an error appears or the system simply does not recognize it. We explain why this happens: This is because the package comes from abroad, from a country other than Spain and, by a foreign courier company. If the shipment is recent, it may take between 1 to 3 business days to see the tracking update, especially when they come from abroad. In these cases, sometimes the shipment is not pre-registered from the origin and this creates a tracking error. In our case, the most common company is usually POSTNL.POST from NETHERLANDS. These shipments are made by parcel transfer which, once cleared through customs, are sent to CORREO DE ESPAÑA for delivery to recipients in Spain. The tracking number only appears when the package is in the possession of the post office. The error messages that usually appear are: We do not have information on that shipment number: it means that the shipment has not been pre-registered correctly. But we can see the movements of the package. Pre-registered: means that the label has been created from the origin, but the package is not yet in the hands of the post office. On the way: means that the parcel is already in the mail and is on its way to the destination office. On delivery: means that the package has arrived at the delivery office and has been delivered to the delivery person for delivery to the recipient.
  • Why haven't I received shipping information?
    If you have made a purchase and spend several days without receiving news about the shipment, it may be due to these reasons: 1st. You are still within the selected delivery period 2nd. Item is out of stock. In this case we will inform you and tell you when it will be available. 3. The order has been cancelled. You would also get a notification about it
  • Should I worry if the tracking number does not work?
    NO. There is no reason to worry if you notice that your tracking number does not work or gives an error. Simply send us an email to and we will give you the tracking details of your order.
  • Why do I receive my purchase in two different deliveries?
    Occasionally, you may receive your purchases in two different deliveries. This can happen in the following cases: 1st. The purchased products come from different origins since we have different shipping centers. 2º The purchased products cannot be sent in the same delivery method. In this case, a look at the items tab can be of great help. 3rd One product had been sent by mistake and then the other was sent. 4º In agreement with the client, part of the products can be sent in one shipment and then the other part. In this case, the client is informed of the fact.
  • By which carrier is my order shipped?
    We work, for now, only with Correos and MRW. Urgent deliveries 24 - 72 hours are sent with MRW. Deliveries between 7-14 days are sent by post. Occasionally, we can send a package with 7-14 day delivery within 24 hours of your purchase. This decision is made by us and at our discretion.
  • Can I cancel my   order?
    Yes. Under the following conditions The product has not been shipped
  • How to make a purchase?
    There are two ways to make a purchase at PARAIRDEVACACIONES.COM Making your purchase directly on the web. It is the most recommended way. In case of difficulties making the purchase online, you can call us or speak directly with us through the live chat available on the web and we will take the order. Remember that PARAIRDEVACACIONES is an online store, so we do not have physical stores for now. Orders must be placed online. Remember that to make your purchase, it is not necessary to register but it is highly recommended since it allows you to have full control of your purchase and all the updates of your order by accessing your account.
  • Is it safe to buy in PARAIRDEVACACIONES.COM?
    Yes. has all the security measures so that you can place your orders with a cool mind and in complete safety. You can pay using all traditional payment methods such as: PayPal, debit and credit cards, cash on delivery and, in Spain, Bizum.
  • How to pay my orders?
    Cash on delivery You can choose the cash on delivery payment method ONLY ON MASKS and clothing available with shipping from Castellon de la Plana / Castellon. MRW will deliver your order to the address you provided during registration in exchange for the refund. Payment by credit card We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards Paypal The most recommended way. To be redirected to PayPal at the end of your order you have to select PayPal as the payment method.
  • How to return an item?
    If you have ordered an item that you do not need or because you received it after the deadline. You just have to inform us of this decision. To return any purchase, the steps to follow are: Contact us by mail to inform us about your decision We will send MRW to pick up the package When the package is received, the money is returned Certain items may NOT be returned. Only for hygienic reasons The masks: if it has been tried Underwear and swimwear (bottom) if tried on If it is found that such an item has been returned even though it has been tested, the money will not be refunded.
  • What do I do if my order arrives defective?
    Contact us directly and we will give you a solution which can be: Resend the article again Refund the same In both cases, we may ask you to return the defective product. In such a case, both the return and the replacement will be made after receiving the defective product.
  • How to receive the money of a return?
    All returns are made in the same way that the payment was made. In the case of purchases with cash on delivery, a bank transfer or PayPal will be made to an account that the customer will provide us for such purposes.
  • How long does it take to receive the refund money?
    In the case of refunds to cards: it takes between 3-5 business days after issuing the refund to see the money in your bank account. In some cases it may take up to 10 business days. In the case of PayPal, there are two scenarios (cases): If at the time of purchase, you have paid with the available balance in your PayPal account, the refund is immediate. That is, you will see the money instantly. If, on the other hand, at the time of purchase, you used a bank account or card associated with your PayPal account, the return time is the same as if you had paid with a debit or credit card. That is, 3-5 business days. In any case, you can contact us.
  • How to make a claim?
    To make any claim, please contact the Complaints & Claims department.
  • Types of claim?
    My order is late If your order arrives later than promised, you have the full right to file a complaint or claim. To make it, you simply have to contact us and express the reasons for your claim and we will assist you as it should be. I want my money back If you want us to return the money, you just have to contact us and express the reasons for the decision. Parairdevacaciones will never deny you a return (as long as it's valid, of course). How can I get my money back? You can get your money back in the following cases, but not limited to it. 1st. You receive the item out of time. In this case, it is NECESSARY to return the item for a refund. 2nd. Item arrives defective. In this case it is NECESSARY to communicate the situation, return the product for the return. 3º Not being satisfied with the product. There are two scenarios in this case: The first is to make a full refund of your investment when you have returned the product. The second is to return 1/3 of the investment and you keep the product. Claims in PayPal PayPal Claims is a very good option and we highly recommend it. However, it is important to contact us first before filing a claim with PayPal as we are 100% sure and guaranteed to return your money much sooner and much faster than the time it will take for PayPal to do so. Keep in mind that when you file a claim with Paypal, it notifies us and gives us 22 days to resolve it. Once you open a claim in PayPal, everything needs to be handled through PayPal. To open a PayPal claim, log in to your PayPal account and follow the instructions. Reclamations by the Bank Like PayPal claims, bank claims is a very good option and is a customer's right. To file a claim with the bank, you must first file a complaint with the Police, bring this complaint to the bank, the bank will notify our collection agent so that we can respond. Still, we have 15-22 days to respond. We always recommend contacting us first before filing a claim, especially on the subject of money. We recommend it because, from PARAIRDEVACACIONES, we guarantee 100% of the return in any case.
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